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Media Subscription

Although it is easier to participate in the media and entertainment industry due to the use of platforms like YouTube, but the uneven distribution of content and unfair remuneration to the content creators remain the major disadvantages of the industry.

With BaconTok, creators can transparently track content usage, ownership transfers, and smart contracts related to content. Creators can directly collect a large portion of the revenue, which will greatly increase the returns of content contributors and creators at the same time.

On the contrary, creators will be able to leverage smart contracts to enforce license terms and allocate payments more efficiently. Content consumers can make small payments with a more stabilized cryptocurrencies without high transaction fees or rate fluctuation concerns.

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Sponsored Donation

Charity often encounter obstacles to success due to lack of transparency, accountability issues, and limited ways to accept donations. BaconTok's blockchain sponsored donation program can help charity raise funds more effectively.

Every donation from BaconTok can be tracked easily across the blockchain. Greater transparency and public accountability can relieve concerns and encourage contribution of the donors. It may also improve the integrity of charities.

Donating with cryptocurrencies is tax exempt or even tax deductible in some countries. If you donate with Bitcoin, charities will receive full amount of the donation (no tax on capital gains). In addition, donors may request government for a higher tax deduction in return.

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