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Version: 0.2.1   Updated: 01/11/2020  By: TokenBacon


Thank you for using BaconTok

BaconTok is the world’s first “Decentralized Messaging and E-commerce for Social Applications”that combines communication, mining, cryptocurrency, and E-commerce.

BaconTok composes of web users without a central server. It supports encrypted instant text, voice, video, desktop sharing, and file transfer without being monitored, tracked, or examined. Sending encrypted message is simple, and is free.

Upload and share your personal asset, good, media, or idea on blockchain through BaconTok. Blockchain ensures your asset, good, media, or idea that can never be imitated and be used of others.

If you would like to manage “e-commerce”or “Micronet”in a place where can be accumulated up to thousands or million users, BaconTok’s blockchain in E-commerce is your best solution in social e-commerce. We offer a comprehensive set of tools that includes digital assets, agreement, smart contracts and applications. Without the need of technical know-how but only a mobile phone, you may issue cryptocurrency and build up “Decentralized Finance” (DeFi) or “Decentralized E-commerce”(DeEc) of your own.

Using BaconTok to send messages, token transfer, and mining

BaconTok is more than a messaging app. It helps to connect your friends and beloved ones through the use of encrypted instant text around the globe. It allows you to become a part of their life without being monitored, tracked, or examined. Sending encrypted message is simple and is free.

The concept of Bitcoin mining and BaconTok are identical. Chats are proof-of-work (POW); hence chats are mining. All the token that you have mined can be used as commodity purchases, art auction participation, subscription, sponsorship, donation, or simply transfer into cash.

Features of encrypted messaging in BaconTok:
  • 1) Instant Messaging: Encrypted messaging for live chat worldwide.

    2) Voice call: Absolutely free of encrypted communication with your friends and families.

    3) Video call: Encrypted video call for face-to-face communication.

    4) Desktop sharing: Encrypted desktop sharing for you and your friends.

    5) Document sharing: No limitation to size of the document you shared.

    6) Groups: Chat, call, video and document shared in groups through BaconTok.

Features of cryptocurrency transfer in BaconTok:
  • 1) Multi-token wallet: Support cross-chain architecture and multiple coins or tokens; offers the most efficient token transferring and storing for users.

    2) Send tokens: Users may send tokens directly in chats by simply selecting token types and amount. Your friend will receive token once you clicked send.

    3) Receive tokens: Similar to “send tokens”, but insert a negative amount to request for tokens.

    4) Token-in: Tokens may cross-chain into the Baconchain. These are also known as token deposit.

    5) Token-out: Tokens may cross-chain into public chain from the Baconchain. These are known as token withdrawal.

    6) Token swap: You may freely swap tokens with your friend within the chats. There is no need to exit the chat room or participate sale activities of the token.

Features of money earning from chat in BaconTok:
  • 1) Mining: BaconTok offers a set of blockchain tools that turn chats into proof-of-work (POW) in hope to induces network effects by drawing more usage and promotion from users.

    2) Airdrop: BaconTok offers a set of blockchain tools that allow users to receive rewards from airdrop in hope to induce network effects by drawing more usage and promotion from users.

    3) Promotion: BaconTok offers a set of blockchain tools that allow users to earn rewards by introducing a certain good or service to a friend.

Blockchain in E-commerce

Unlike other Apps, BaconTok not only has the characteristic of communication, but also hold a strong advantage on docking feature in Blockchain eCommerce. It helps to market your goods and services proactively, allowing sales promotion, fees, and customer services to be one-stop conducted in BaconTok.

In addition, BaconTok not only can it help to promote your goods and services, but also helps to issue your cryptocurrency, creating an exclusive business ecosystem or even go beyond your store or website to become a small Alipay.

Features of group provided to merchants in BaconTok:
  • 1) Promote products to members or fans in groups.

    2) Turn each member or fan into your salesman among your group members or fans.

    3) Collect fees from customer directly with “Merchant Pay”.

    4) Analyze the user data of members or fans (with the consent of members or fans) to understand the purchasing habits of different consumer groups.

    5) Airdrop and mining

    6) Robot

    7) Directly select the required “Blockchain eCommerce”service and install it with only a click. Services currently offered are:

        a. ICO

        b. Media subscription

        c. Sponsored donation

        And more services to come...

“Merchant Pay” and “Merchant Tokens” issuance
  • BaconTok offers “Merchant Pay”,allowing merchants to issue their “Merchant Token”for goods and services and to build their business ecosystem or go beyond their store or website as being a small Alipay. Rules of “Business Tokens”are as follows:

    1) 「Merchant token」issuance

        a. Company Identification required.

        b. Merchant tokens are classified into three levels: Individual, business, and enterprise.

        c. Cost of token issuance are: US$330, US$3,330, US$33,330

        d. Amount of token issuance are: 1M, 10M, 100M tokens.

    2) When consumer makes purchases using BaconTok, they will be directed and be invited to the merchant group once scanned the QR code with the BaconTok App.

    3) Merchants can provide the following ways to attract consumers and encourage the purchase of “Merchant Tokens”.

        a. Discount, mining (POW), or airdrop

        b. Use as points.

        c. Promote the use of your 「Merchant Token」 to different stores and various scenarios.

    * 「Merchant Pay」take 1.5% on every transaction; 0.5% for 「Common insurance」; all Merchant Tokens are guaranteed by Common Insurance.


Recent report in FFinder has conducted an investigation on 2,001 of American adults. 7.76% of them planned to purchase cryptocurrency in future. 40.01% (meaning more than 900 millions of American people) did not make the purchase however due to the reason that they have no interest or think as unnecessary; 35.02% believes a high risk; 27.04% presumes to be difficult to use; 17.97% believes as fraud.

Therefore we want to make “blockchain simple”. Our aim is to make it easy for everyone to use the blockchain while chatting.

Features of token services offered in BaconTok:
  • Multi-Tokens Wallet: Multi-Tokens Wallet is based on Baconchain. It supports cross-chain architectures and provides users with the most effective transactions for coins. As a result, Multi-Tokens Wallet consumes lesser, works safer, and shows a higher performance than the competitors.

    Wallet to wallet token swap: Baconchain’s Wallet to Wallet (W2W) Swap is a Point-to-Point Swapping system for exchanging cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. It provides an excellent experience to keep users satisfied.

    Token in and out: Token-in means that the token enters the Baconchain from the public chain. Token-out means that the token exits the Baconchain and return to the public chain. Baconchain supports cross-chain architecture allowing token swap to be carried out. Technically, the Baconchain is a shared independent sidechain among multiple blockchains. As a result. it performs public cross-chain across different blockchain. Those cryptocurrencies on the public chain such as Bitcoin, ERC20 can go in and out from Baconchain. Hence, it can work separately from any encrypted system, making various tokens truly useful.

    Token swap: Token swap is a peer-to-peer (P2P) token transaction system used to exchange cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Unlike buying and selling, this is a process of converting tokens into different token at an estimated rate. Token swap can only be performed when the order matches another order. This is a matching platform that allows individuals to freely swap tokens in the market without going through sale activities.


Why choose BaconTok?
  • Regardless of business or government, digital surveillance is widely seen nowadays. Companies as Google, Facebook, Amazon are based on digital surveillance and monitor company. It collects data on banks, credit card, mobile operator and applications, and also our online user behavior such as likes or dislikes, searched history, social network, or purchase information. These are used to predict and generate user data that can be further used for business purposes which then sell to the highest bidder.

    And usually done without our full scope of understanding and monitoring.

    As Ms. Zuboff mentioned the Surveillance Capitalisim, it works for billions of people who are happy to use due to free services provided. It then allows these service providers to monitor the behavior of these users in detail without their permission.

How does BaconTok protect your data and privacy?
  • BaconTok applied decentralized blockchain technology that does not have a central server. With onion routing point-to-point encryption, any content of photo, voice, document, and call can never fall into the hands of others.

    BaconTok keeps your privacy protected in the following way:

    1) Provide information services without the need to rely on a central server.

    2) Implement point-to-point encryption with forward secrecy as the default and the only method to operate for all messages.

    3) Without your private key, your identity cannot be forged.

Do I need to understand blockchain in order to use BaconTok?
  • You do not need to understand blockchain, nor do you need to host any servers or spend money on file storage. BaconTok’s blockchain eCommerce one-click installation uses file Coin and Baconchain as blockchain nodes. Both services have excellent free plans and plenty of storage to keep your costs minimized. In addition, these services allow you to fully focus on your business plan, which can create an unforgettable blockchain eCommerce service experience for users. BaconTok automatically cross-chain and link the following blockchain services:

    1) File Coin : Used for users, media, files and other data storage.

    2) Ethereum : Used for token issuance, smart contracts, public ledger and other token related.

    3) Bacon Chain : Used for financial, stores, KYC and other companies and financial docking.

    4) Bitcoin : International "fiat currency" for cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for local fiat on tens of thousands of exchanges worldwide.