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General speaking, Android devices have a built-in Google Play Store whether on phones or tablets. But if your Android device cannot download and install the BaconTok App on the Google Play Store for some reasons, you can manually download the official BaconTok APK below and then install the BaconTok App on your Android device.

Recent APK version

  • V0.2.4 beta


    Version Update: 1)Fixed token send. 2)Fixed the version checking.


How to manually install BaconTok APP (APK file) on Android?

    Here’s how to manually install the APK.

    What’s an APK?

    APK are Application Package File in short. APK files are used to install applications on the Android operating system.

    Whether you buy a free or paid app from the Play Store, you also use an APK file when you install it. However, APK files other than the Play Store cannot be properly installed on the Android operating system if the setting hasn’t been changed.

    How to manually install BaconTok APP (APK file) on Android?

    You do not need to install the BaconTok App through the Play Store. You may manually install it on your Android device by changing the system default settings. Please following the steps below carefully for the setting change.

    1. Open your Android’s “Settings” then tab “Security”.

    2. Tap “Install unknown apps”. Tap “ok” if a notification message prompted.

    3. You may manually download APK file after you completed above steps. You may manually install BaconTok on your Andorid device.

    4. In order to increase security and reduce the risk of malware intrusion, please add the following settings. Tap “authorize application” under the “security”.

    5. Download the BaconTok APK file, then manually install BaconTok APP on your Android device.

    6. Please note that no matter which APK you have downloaded, there will also be a pop-up message of “this type of file may bring risk to your device”. Click on “ok” if your source is clean. Otherwise, you may not complete the download.

    7. After downloaded APK, another notification message of “down error” will prompt (since this is customizable to software providers, the interface may varies). It indicates that the download is successful.

    8. Tap the APK download of the pop-up message to excute APK file.

    9. After starting the APK file, the first screen is a page showing the permissions required by BaconTok. If you accept the permissions, simply tab “install”. Please note that by tabbing the “install”, you accept the permissions that BaconTok requires on your behalf.

    10. No setup is required for BaconTok installation. When showing “Apps installed”, it indicates that the BaconTok App has been completely installed.

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