Decentralized E-commerce Instant Messaging App

Regardless of business or government, digital surveillance is widely seen nowadays. BaconTok, the world’s first “Decentralized E-commerce Instant Messaging App”, is an instant messaging app that composes of web users without any central server. It offers “encrypted massages” and “e-commerce in blockchain” service that connects your friends and global users with chats and trades in a place with non-monitorizations, zero tracks and examinations.

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Assets and messages are yours and yours only

Private messages owned

No central server. With onion routing point-to-point encryption, any content of photo, voice, document, and call can never fall into the hands of others.

Personal asset ownership

Individuals own their assets ownership on the blockchain. It is guaranteed that any of your data, goods, media, ideas cannot be imitated for others.

Transaction time and cost

Payments and asset transactions can be completed in seconds rather than days. No credit card risks and no scrutiny and fees from intermediaries.


Download and login

After BaconTok download, a set of encrypted secure key will be issued. Your secure key is the only certification of your token ownership.


Invite your Friends

Invite your friends to join the world of blockchain. Only you and your friends will have a secure key to unlock the information and the content.


Use of Services

Connect your family with encrypted video calls and voice calls for free. Or, send and receive encrypted tokens instantly with friends. It is that simple and intuitive.

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